Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas is a GO!

Our mini-tree on the dining room table. It has all of our personal ornaments on it. For as long as I can remember my Mom had us pick a new one out every year and then she would put the year on it. Jeremy and I continued the tradition when we moved in together. One ornament on there is from my very first Christmas in 1980.

Our super cute coffee table center piece. All I had to begin with was the reindeer and the sleigh with a giant pine cone in it. It looked a little sad on top of the glass coffee table. So Jeremy took me to Hobby Lobby to find...something. GGGrrrr, it was a mad house! BUT, I found what I needed. And for 50% off!

Our brand new pre-lit Christmas tree from Wal-mart. I LOVE this tree! It looked great as soon as we plugged it in with no decorations on it. But I love putting all my red and gold, glittery ornaments on it. The more glitter the better!!

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