Monday, September 7, 2009

Breaking Tara Janzen

No one has ever seen it. Everybody wants it. That is why the government has just unleashed its secret weapon. Drop-dead-gorgeous art dealer Suzi Toussi has been tapped for the toughest mission of her career: to locate the Memphis Sphinx, an ancient artifact rumored to possess otherwordly powers. Tracking it to Paraguay means going up against Dax Killian, the sexy special ops agent who is planning to snatch the coveted relic right out of her hot little hands. If he can find it first... Dax first spotted her outside a seedy bar - in three inch heels and a too-tight dress. But what was Suzi doing in a hellhole like Ciudad del Este? Dax knows the answer: the Memphis Sphinx. Suddenly the game is on. With Creed and Dylan in Paraguay backing up Suzi while tracking down a rogue CIA agent named Conroy Farrel, they are all headed for a showdown that could reveal the truth about what happened to SDF operator J.T. Chronopolous...and the shadowy secrets behind the creation of Special Defense Force...

I love Tara Janzen. I picked up 'Crazy Sweet' on a typical sweep of the new releases at the book store. I wasn't familiar with Tara Janzen and any of the 'Crazy' books at the time, I didn't know that 'Crazy Sweet' was the 6th book of the series. To be honest, this genre of romance novel wasn't what I usually went for. I was a historical romance type of girl up to that point. I think I was a little burnt out and looking for a change. And boy was it a change, I was instantly sucked it to the story and very soon after had read all of the 'Crazy' books. I couldn't stop until I had read them all, they were that good. Of course, I have followed along with all the 'Loose' books as well. The latest in the series is Breaking Loose, the story of Suzi Toussi and Dax Killian. I have to be honest, I found it a little difficult to get into this book. I didn't fall into it as easily as the others. The emotional attachment to the characters wasn't there this time. It made me a little sad, I wanted to instantly love it like I have all the others. Maybe it's because I had a hard time believing that Suzi, the owner of the art gallery featured in previous books, would be taken into the Steele Street fold. She's an art dealer, not a highly trained undercover agent. Also, the sexual tension was lacking in this book. I think it was because Tara didn't spend a lot of time building their relationships in previous books. They didn't have a lot of history with each other before being thrown together in this book. I understand that not everyone has to fall madly, deeply in love but it was truly one of the things that had me hooked in Tara's previous books. I could feel the deep, earth shattering attraction between the two characters. But sadly, it wasn't there this time.

I have kept all of Tara Janzen's books. In fact, she is the only romance author that has caught my attention so thoroughly that I didn't recycle the books after reading. I'll keep 'Breaking Loose' but I'm not sure I'll re-read it again, like I have with her other books. Even though this book didn't catch and hold my attention like the others, I still look forward to the next book in the Loose series.

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