Saturday, August 22, 2009

Your Opinions Needed

So, I watched the premiere of Project Runway on Thursday night. Jeremy watched too, sort of (he was on the computer at the same time). I love when my husband watches shows like these with me. It's so funny to hear a guys point of view. He also watches America's Next Top Model with me (Yes you do, honey. Don't deny it.) and I love when he gets all opinionated about the models or the judges.

Anyway! That is not what this post is about. During the opening scene with all the designers were on the roof to talk with Heidi and Tim, I was admiring Heidi's dress. I also noted that it had a similar shape to my new little black dress, but hers was shorter. Which got me thinking about the length of my little black dress. I am sure that Heidi's dress is a bit shorter than I would feel comfortable going but it did make me wonder if my little black dress wouldn't look better hemmed right about my knee.

I searched and SEARCHED for a good shot of Heidi in her fab dress and this was as close as I could get. Actually this was the ONLY screen shot I found and sadly it doesn't even know the length of it. But, if you look close enough to the bottom of her dress you can tell that where the photo cuts off is about as long as that dress is.

And here is my little black dress again.

So what do y'all think? Keep it blow the knee? Or maybe having it tailored to just above the knee?


  1. I think above the knee would be better, but pin it and let's see!

  2. my thoughts exactly - pin it and take another picture and see which length you like.

  3. I third the motion to pin it, then show us. :)

  4. I vote for above the knee!! :)

  5. i was going to say pin it and post another pic, but it looks like that has been mentioned. I think it will be better at the knee though.