Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ranting Ruth

Gloomy Gus
Negative Nancy
Sour Susie
Frowning Fred

Whatever name YOU have for people like that, they are energy drainers. It's hard to be around someone that can't see the positive in anything. It's hard to talk to people that come back from a week long vacation and have NOTHING positive to say about it. Instead they talk about how long the drive took, and how the maid at the hotel seemed rude, or how long they had to wait to be seated for dinner.

*big eye roll*

Do you work with people like that? It's like you don't even want to ask them how their weekend went because it's always...'It was ok, I guess...BUT..' Oh that BUT makes me mad, it's like nails on a black board for me. I cringe.

But what? I want to ask them. But your cat died? But your house burnt down? But you caught your husband cheating on you? Found out you had cancer?

No? None of that? The what could have been SO awful about your weekend that you couldn't just tell me that it had been fine? HHmmm?

See what their energy does to me?! Gah. And, unfortunately, Jeremy and I both have to work with people like this. They whine. They grumble. They throw tantrums. And it gets real old, real quick.

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  1. I can be negative a lot and I'm so working on that thanks to a VERY negative co-worker who freaks out, stresses, yells, complains nearly every hour about something new. It drives me NUTS so I'm definitely trying to be more positive in life :)