Thursday, July 16, 2009

Random Soup

Sorry it's been so quiet around here this week. Last weekend we had a garage sale and after that I had no energy or desire to be on this computer. The garage sale sucked big time. It was just too freakin' hot (it's been in the 100's for two weeks straight) and no one wanted to be out in it. We had a dorm size fridge/freezer/microwave for sale..$95..which seems like a great deal to me. I fully expected someone to wheel and deal with me on it, but no. Instead I get some dofus that offered me a quarter instead of $.50 for something. Not the haggling I had in mind. I don't think I will ever have another garage sale again. Its just not worth it.

We found the place we are going to rent in Hawaii. We could have just stayed at a hotel or in a condo, I'm sure it would have been just as fun. But Jeremy and I were looking for something a little more private and relaxed. We used Vacation Rentals By Owner and found a one bedroom studio to rent. See..that hammock has my name all over it. We've been in contact with the owners and have sent in our deposit to hold our reservation. There isn't any turning back now!

I've been fairly focused on two things this week:

1) Get through work ASAP! We are spending the weekend on my aunt's boat and I am ready for the weekend to be here already! Good food, good company, good drinks..and maybe a tan (hopefully NOT a burn). What's not to be excited about?

2) My book. That's right, I'm writing a book. I've thought about this for a long time now but I've never put any real effort into it. Story ideas would come into my head but then I couldn't "see" how it would all work out so I would just disregard it. But, a fire has been lit under my butt. I'm not worried about the entire story right now..or spelling..or proper I'm just writing, writing, and writing some more. I have a vague idea of how the story might play out but I am fully prepared for it to change as I get further into it. It's like learning about a bunch of new people. I THINK I know them, but I might learn something new as I write.

Anyway, that is what's been up with me this week. Hopefully I'll have some great stories and pictures to share after the weekend is over.


  1. OMG, Jinny! That apartment looks like heaven! When are y'all going? We're totally going to talk about this on Saturday! When are y'all coming in? Maybe we can hook up on Friday night and you can see my apartment and all that! :) Can't wait to see you! :)

  2. Looks like a GREAT place! Btw, I am in Texas too. :)

    - Lisa