Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wishing away time

Do y'all ever do that? Spend all your current time wishing it was already some date in the future? That's all I've been doing lately, it seems. There are a few things that will hopefully be happening over the next year and a half. Yes, that far out.

One..we have four more payments left on our Explorer. FOUR more. That means NO more car payments. It's also our highest monthly bill, so that's going to free up a good chunk of cash.

Two..Metallic in September. Need I say more?

Three..we are going to Hawaii for our next anniversary (in April). It will be the big 10 year anniversary, so we wanted to do something really special. I'm just crossing my fingers that nothing happens between now and then, and sticking firmly with the mind set that we ARE going.

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