Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A very successful shopping trip to Old Navy

I'm glad my sister called and asked me to go. And I'm glad that I decided to buy those items instead of talking myself out of them and putting them back.

And, I am THRILLED that the skirt fit me. It was the largest size on the rack, and not my usual size..one down. But I grabbed it anyways and thought I would just try it on. It fit! Perfectly! No sweating and sucking it in...it just zipped up. Love that!

I'm planning on taken most of those items with me to San Antonio this week, so maybe there will be pictures of me actually wearing them.


  1. I was in old navy yesterday and boy they have some cute stuff! I like all the stuff you got.

  2. I have to ask, is the skirt really knee-length? Because I am looking for a knee-length denim skirt with zero success.