Monday, March 2, 2009

My Message from the Universe

No one ever regrets raising the bar, Jinny, ever, ever, ever.

Scare yourself,
The Universe

Besides, Jinny, this is your year, and I got your back.

How is it that the perfect message seems to come at just the right time? I haven't really talked about this much because I'm afraid to jinx it. But, I have had the feeling since new years even that THIS is our year. The first two months are gone and everything has been so wonderful so far. I can't really put a finger on it, maybe it's just my attitude that has been changed. I mean, we still have the same issues to tackle as last year..but those things seem much easier to overcome NOW. Jeremy and I are on the same page, lines of communication are open. It just goes to show that if you work together as a unit, even if the circumstances aren't ideal, its much easier to get through.

So, here's hoping that I didn't jinx anything (knocking on wood) and that the rest of the year brings just as much happiness and contentment as the first two months.


  1. And after making this post, Jinny and Jeremy got in a huge fight over finances. LOL, You're not gonna jinx yourself girl! Y'all are doing great - congratulations! You do sound more relaxed on the phone lately... =)

  2. I am SURE this is your year. With a mindset, and an attitude like that. It is sure to be great. :)