Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I fart in your general direction

My husband and I took our normal bi-weekly trip to the grocery store. We make a list and put the items in the order we move through the store. I know. But, it really does help save time, keeps us from buying a bunch of crap we don't need, and keeps us from forgetting things we DO need.

Anyway, we were nearly done with our list. We were near the pharmacy looking for a certain type of cold medicine. I'm sure y'all have the same sort of set up at your local grocery store. It's usually pretty quite over in this area. It's tucked away from the grocery area and people just dart in and out for what they need. Unless your a woman and then you might spend a little more time on the shampoo aisle. BUT, I'm getting off track. So, we were on the cold medicine aisle, searching for Advil something or other (it turned out to be behind the counter) and the only other person on the aisle with us was an elderly man using a walker. We were standing behind him and from the silence came a fart. My eyes went wide and I puckered my lips to keep from gasping...or laughing. I looked over at Jeremy with raised eye brows and a smile cracked his lips. All I could think was 'please don't make me laugh out loud'. That old man didn't even look over his shoulder. He didn't even acknowledge what had just happened.

We don't make it a habit of laughing at senior citizens or of their incontinence, but I sure am thankful that we moved on soon after that. I just HAD to laugh about it. For the rest of the trip we kept going on about how we couldn't wait to get old so we could just let them rip whenever and wherever we wanted without having to apologize for it.

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  1. seriously....I wouldn't have even though to laugh it I was alone in the store, but if stuff like that happens when I'm with my hubby or a friend, I have to fight off Hysterics. LOL