Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Curse of the Wine Glass

Souls wouldn't wear suits and ties, they'd wear blue jeans and sit cross-legged with a glass of red wine. ~Carrie Latet

I've been waiting for a while now to get a new set of wine glasses. What happen to my old set? Well, you see, my husband broke them all. Not on purpose...I don't think. But, he broke them...all of them. So, it's been several months with no wine glasses. Wine out of a tumbler is fine..just not the same, you know what I mean?

A few weeks ago we were able to purchase a new set at Target. They are fairly simple and seemed very sturdy. I jokingly told my husband that he would have to work a little harder to break these. And I guess he did...because he broke one. *sigh*

Any bets on how long this set will last? Plus, he has broken a glass picture frame from our hallway twice this year...the SAME ONE...TWICE. Place your bets carefully and I'll keep you posted.


  1. OMG, my husband breaks my wine glasses too. Must be a guy thing. Now I have a lovely assortment of glasses from several different sets. :)

  2. I was drinking some wine last night-out of a milk glass LOL. You're right-not quite the same. With my husbands tremors, he has broken all of our glasses. And I HATE drinking out of plastic. Oh well, guess I'll buy more...