Sunday, February 8, 2009

Yoga..and the evil stationary bike

So, my sister joined a local gym. Yay for her! I would too if we had the fundage (well, we COULD have the fundage, but the money is better spent on other things right now) and we still had a second car. But that's not really here or there. I make do just fine with what I own two feet, hand weights, and workout DVD's. Anyway, I asked my sister if they gave her any sort of guest passes. And they DO. Five free visits, how cool is that?

My sister is a busy little bee so we went back and forth on when we could go together and work out. It ended up being yesterday morning..8:30 in the morning, actually. Do y'all know how hard it was for me to get up that early on a Saturday? I love my sleep...but I want to be skinny more. So, I was up and at the gym at 8:15. Megan wanted to attend the yoga class. Ok, yoga..I can handle that. Easy, relaxing..worth getting out of bed for. And it was a very nice class. I enjoyed it a lot. But, yoga takes a little more effort than I remembered. It was not hard, but to simply hold your arms out to the sides and keep them there for 30 seconds takes more effort than you would think. I feel it this morning, all through my arms and shoulders. Which is a good thing.

I thought we were done after that, but my sister had other plans. We jumped on the treadmill and off we went for about 25 minutes. I was down with that. I broke a sweat, I could feel it in my butt and legs. It was a nice burn. And I burnt nearly 150 calories. Alright! Good workout! Time to go home! Nope, my sister got on the stationary bike. I wrinkled my nose. More? Seriously? That bike kicked my ass. I couldn't do it. I mean, I kept going and did the best I could but I did not finish the 'rolling hills' program we had set. My butt was burning. And I couldn't all. My sister on the other hand was singing. SINGING! And trying to tickle me...while I was trying to just breath.

She was eyeing more machines but I begged off. I had to go home anyways. We had other things to do. So, I narrowly escaped with my life. lol. Just kidding, Megan! It was a great workout. And I'm glad that she pushed me to do more than I wanted to.

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  1. I am with you on the stationary bike, If i am going to be working that hard. I better be going places is all I am saying.