Sunday, January 11, 2009

101 Update

I've been slacking on my 101 list. Nothing much to report until recently. I'm hoping that know that the holidays are over and spring is right around the corner I can start marking more off.

I can mark off #66. I made chocolate chip cookies and rice crispie treats to take out to my in-laws last month. Those chocolate chip cookies were gone in snap. As good as they were..I hope I don't have to make another cookie from scratch until many NEXT Christmas.

Thanks to my wonderful husband, I can mark of #83. After running to the store for cleaning supplies, or so I thought, he came back with the makings for smores. Later that evening he started up the fire in the outdoor pit we have and we had a fine time making some smores.

And last, for now, I can mark of #95. Last night we watched Juno, finally. I cried. That's all I'm gonna' say about that right now.

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