Sunday, April 13, 2008

101 things in 1001 days

"The distance is nothing; it is only the first step that is difficult." ~ Marie de Vichy-Chamrond, Marquise du Deffand

I'm jumping on the band wagon and starting a 101 things in 1001 days list. I can't say that I am sure I'll finish everything on my list, but I'm going to give it a go. So, here is my (very nearly) completed list and I am starting today (end date: Jan. 9, 2011):

1. Finish this list - COMPLETE
2. Encourage some else to do a 101 list - COMPLETE 4/14/2008
3. Go to Enchanted Rock
4. Spend the night at our state park
5. Get a picture of the longhorns - COMPLETED 5/07/2008
6. Go on a picnic - COMPLETED
7. Go to Oktoberfest
8. Go to Texas Renaissance Festival for two days
9. Take a second honeymoon to Corpus Christi
10. Go to a sandcastle contest
11. Take pictures downtown - COMPLETED
12. Visit the Hummingbird house
13. Try real sushi - COMPLETED
14. Go to the Deadhorse - COMPLETED
15. Visit the museum
16. Go to the rodeo
17. Donate a painting for a good cause - COMPLETE
18. Go an entire day without using the computer - COMPLETE 05/06/2008
19. Sew a 'damn it' doll
20. Give the 'damn it' doll to someone that needs it
21. Re-plant the back flower bed
22. Paint the house
23. Get a new glass door for the front door
24. Finish reading 'P.S. I Love You' - COMPLETE 4/15/2008
25. Pick my own peaches
26. Visit the Circle E Candle Factory
27. Drive the Willow City Loop
28. Greet everyone for one full day - COMPLETE
29. Change the windshield wipers on my car - COMPLETE 5/05/2008
30. Donate my time for a fundraiser - COMPLETE 5/06/2008
31. Hang Christmas lights on the house
32. Try planting something in the front flower beds
33. Paint the bedroom - COMPLETE
34. Buy a new office chair - COMPLETE
35. Finish workouts that are recorded - COMPLETE BY DEFAULT
36. Buy one matching pair of bra and panties
37. Go to the Alamo Drafthouse in San Antonio - COMPLETE
38. Visit Kim and Jeff - COMPLETE
39. Visit someplace with a whole lot of snow on the ground
40. Put our wedding picture negatives on CD's
41. Have flowers delivered to Megan backstage - COMPLETE
42. Register to vote - COMPLETE 4/18/2008
44. Create at least 5 more items on my Zazzle account(5/5)- COMPLETE
45. Sell at least 2 more items on my Zazzle account - COMPLETE
46. Get an outragous (for me) haircut - COMPLETE
47. Fly a kite
48. Visit the farmers market
49. Go to a movie alone - COMPLETE
50. Attend a rock concert - COMPLETE
51. Go to 10 restaurants that I've never been to before in town (1/10)
52. Attend a sporting event
53. Learn sign language
54. Learn how to arrange flowers
55. Make myself a piece of jewelry
56. Hang another birdfeeder in the back yard
57. PRIVATE ~ I will reveal once it's done
58. Get a small tattoo
59. Be nice to myself for a full day (0/5)
60. Go see Kidd Kraddick live
61. Go to the planetrium
62. Buy six 'Heart Sings' bracelets and give them away to friends
63. Spend an evening at D'vine wines
64. Treat myself to a massage - COMPLETE
65. Buy another shirt from
66. Bring dessert out to Mom&Dad's - COMPLETE
67. Have a dinner party with Mom&Megan
68. Do some sidewalk chalk art - COMPLETE
69. Get to level 10 on Zuma - COMPLETE
70. Try something new at a place I usually eat
71. Print and frame one of my own photos
72. Pay off a bill - COMPLETE
73. Up the % of paycheck going to my 401K - COMPLETE
74. Go bowling
75. Find a geocache
76. Buy something from Etsy - COMPLETE
77. Update my resume - COMPLETE
78. Find a reason to wear my red dress - COMPLETE
79. Carve a pumpkin - COMPLETE
80. Visit the Lost Maples Park
81. Obtain a hammock for the backyard
82. Get a picture of the wild Texas bluebonnets
83. Make smores using the outdoor fireplace - COMPLETE
84. Buy new wine glasses
85. Buy new stove
86. Buy new mattress
87. Buy new pillows
88. Take Mack to Sea World
89. Buy a new blender
90. Feed the ducks
91. Attend my 10 year high school reunion - COMPLETE
92. Go to the Texas State Fair
93. Try a fried twinkie
94. Buy at least one more classic Disney movie
95. Watch Juno to see what all the buzz is about
96. Get an ice cream cake for my birthday
97. Participate in Photo Hunt for a month - COMPLETE
98. Ride a horse
99. Stay in a treehouse for a night
100. Visit Jocie and Travis
101. Go see a play that my sister isn't in - COMPLETED 4/19; SOUND OF MUSIC

Feel free to help me fill out the last part of the list OR complete any of the tasks on my list. Any and all encouragement or help is welcome.


  1. Explain Zazzle to us! And Heartstrings bracelets? Have fun at the Texas RenFest ... I've never been to that one! Best wishes to you on completing everything on your list. Our list is not yet complete, but we're starting anyway! :D

  2. nice list....i can help with #53. i have started my list so we will see if i can think of 101 things.

  3. Too bad you've already checked off 2 b/c you're list has inspired me to create one as well. Thanks!

  4. Hey, I love this idea! Although it would possibly take me the first 101 days just to write the list!

    Some great items on yours.

  5. Neat, neat idea. I might do this as well. I will have to really think about it.
    Good job :)

  6. Nice list! Looks like you're chipping away at it. =D
    What are "Damn it" dolls?
    Yeah I wanna know about zazzle and the bracelets too!
    Good luck!