Monday, April 14, 2008

101/#2 - Encourage others to do a 101 list

There's nothing like biting off more than you can chew, and then chewing anyway. ~Mark Burnett

I've completed my first task from my 101 list. I have encouraged my husband, my co-workers Rhonda and Kim, and my friend Jocie to start their own lists. Ha ha! One down..100 to go.

Also, I've been asked to clarify what Zazzle and the 'heart sings' bracelets are all about.

Zazzle is website where you can create designs for t-shirts (or other items). You can check out my Zazzle shop here.

The bracelets say 'do what makes your heart sings' and the proceeds from purchasing the bracelets go to Wells United Methodist church katrina relief fund.

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