Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Weigh in?

Doh! I totally forgot to weight myself this morning. I was in a sleep induced zombie state and was oblivious to most everything this morning except for shower and coffee.

Ah well, back to it next week. I haven't been so good this last week. I made chocolate chip cookies from scratch. And well, there was a lot of dipping into the cookie dough and then don't even get to me started on the cookies themselves. Oh, and then there were the rice crispie treats. Yeah, those too.

AND, please don't make me confess...but I'm making ANOTHER back of the chocolate chip cookies right now. That is ALL I am fessing up to. I plead the fifth on anything else.

Never mind the cookie dough on my finger!


  1. Jinny!
    Where in West Texas are you? I'm in Texas too, about 2 hours west of SA!

    So cookies, huh? You are so bad ;) I hope they were really, really good!!

  2. Jinny!!!!
    Don't write and tempt me on my weakness of yummy cookie dough!

    Anyway.I hope you have a kick ass week this week. You can do it!