Thursday, September 25, 2008

101 Update

There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way. ~Christopher Morley

My picture doesn't really have anything to do with this post, but I thought it was funny. Instead, this post is going to be about my 101 list. I've marked a few items off my list that I haven't blogged about. Some of them didn't really deserve their own seperate post. But, just in case y'all are keeping track out there, this will keep it all together.

#33 Paint the bedroom - Ok, I DID post about that here.

#49 Go to a movie alone - I didn't exactly go to a movie, but I did go see my sister in a play by myself. And since it's MY list, I'm counting it.

#64 Treat myself to a massage - Last month I used my birthday money and had my friend, April, give me a massage. It was SO good and she worked me over pretty good.

#73 Up the % of paycheck going to my 401k - Smart move at this particular time, don't know. But I did it.

Alright, there you have it. A few more off this list.

Now, there is one item..number #35...finish workouts that are recorded. Now y'all know that I had EVERY intention of finishing every single one of those workouts. But you see the cable company is giving us VOD (video on demand), just because they like us not because we asked for it. And in order to DO this they have to 're-set' our boxes and that, my friends, will erase every little thing we have recorded on the DVR. This upgrade is happening on Tuesday. So you see, I simply don't have the time now to finish them all. I must mark it as imcomplete by default...because it's not my fault.

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