Monday, August 4, 2008

Our own ReMix

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort. ~Jane Austen

A few months back my Mom bought us a new comforter set for the bedroom. You see the pillow in that picture above? That is what the comforter looks like too. Well, our walls are a sage green. HHmmm, something will just have to be done with that.

First things first, gather your idea items like in my picture above and then go to Lowe's (or where ever you like to go for house supplies). We matched a few different paint squares to the pillow and my swatch of 'accent' fabric. We decided on a color called 'Sand between your toes'.

Y'all should have SEEN the dust bunnies behind our bed. Huge! I didn't take any pictures because I am just too embarassed. So, we broke out the Dyson to clean it all up before the painting started.

Jeremy finished two walls before it got too late to keep going. I mean, it's the only place we have to sleep. Everything went back in its place so we could crash for the night.

We ended up buying a new pillow for the bed and an area rug, too. There are still a few other things that we need to get, but they can wait. A little at a time. Who knows, maybe I'll find just what I'm looking for at a garage sale or something.

That pillow was a sweet find. Stripes on one side and on the other little thread nubbies in all those colors. Reversible for a different look AND it was on sale.

Maybe I'll post more pics when the room is ALL done. There are picture frames to be spray painted (hey, reuse and recycle) and leftover fabric to be used up,and new lamps to be bought (hopefully on sale).


  1. That looks fantastic! It's the exact color scheme I'm painting my bedroom!

  2. That's going to look great. Don't you love the names they give paint colours nowadays? Never anything as pedestrian as beige, light blue or off-white!