Saturday, January 5, 2008

The things I do for beauty

“I think we all long for glamour.” ~ Linda Lee

I know this is only a shadow of what the Sunday Scribbling is suppose to be, but it's all I could think of while being this tired.

I made a run to the grocery store today to buy some NEW makeup (there's my SS tie in). I needed some new foundation as I was getting a little low on the old stuff. My powdered foundation compact had been cracked long ago and I was getting mere drops out of the liquid foundation bottle.

I quickly grabbed the new foundation and then moved into browse mode. There is just so much...stuff. Stuff for wrinkles, stuff for blemishes, stuff for the circles under your eyes, stuff to plump your lips, stuff to make you shine, glitter, or glow. It's obvious that it is important for your makeup to be blendable, super shiny, and long lasting. And don't get me started on the accessories to the makeup. The stuff you need to buff, file, scrub, or curl.

In addition to the new foundation I ended up with two new shades of lip gloss. Even with so much to choose from the shopping was the easy part. I got in the express lane with my four items and waited my turn. Now I had a plan of purchase...use up the rest of a gift card and pay the rest in case. Simple..right? Only, when I told him how much was left on the gift card and swiped didn't take. So we tried a lesser amount...still nothing. One more time, with even less...and finally it took. After that I realize the amount that was left was more than the cash that I had, which meant I had to use my debit card. This wouldn't be a problem except I don't have my pin number memorized. I swiped the card and took my best stab at remembering my pin number....denied. A nice little line had collected behind me at this point. One more try, and I just ran it as a credit, and my bill was paid.

I grabbed my bag, mumbled an apology, and scuttled out of there. Talk about embarrassing. But, after I got home and used my new stuff..and my husband told me how pretty I looked it was ALL worth it.


  1. I just hate it when I the one holding things up!! I'm glad to hear you made it out unscathed!

  2. I use Olive oil. I do not need make up at all. It keeps my skin smooth.

  3. I love to browse the cosmetics...and discover all the things I needed..that I didn't even realize I need!! :) Marketing is a wonderful thing!!

    Glad you found some make-up to play with...being told you are beautiful, feeling "good" -- that's the spirit..much better than feeling badly that life in the check-out lane was a disaster!! :)

  4. ha your post made me smile :)
    I know, the things we do!
    I have to say I'm a sucker for beauty products, my weak spot! (not so much make up, but lotions and stuff)

  5. What fun! New stuff! Compliments! I even laughed at your holding up the line - people have done that for far less important reasons!

  6. I am not a big make-up wearer. But when I put it on I too love the added touch it can give to make me feel a little more beautiful.

  7. aw...that's a nice ending.

    the whole Sephora phenom is pretty incredible. What a great idea for a store.