Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm a human. You're a human.

"It is not enough to limit your love to your own nation, to your own group. You must respond with love even to those outside of it. . . . This concept enables people to live together not as nations, but as the human race.”

How very sad that just days before the sixth anniversary of 9/11 this story is in the paper:

Bin laden 'virtually impotent'

Sep 9 11:51 AM US/Eastern

Osama bin Laden is "virtually impotent" and does not appear to be triggering a new attack against the US despite the release of a videotape with his first message in a year, President George W Bush's homeland security adviser has said.

"This is about the best he can do," Frances Fragos Townsend said about the fugitive al Qaida leader whose terrorist network is believed to be regrouping in the lawless Pakistan-Afghanistan border region.

"This is a man on a run, from a cave, who's virtually impotent other than these tapes," she said.

Townsend spoke two days before the sixth anniversary of the September 11 attacks that bin Laden masterminded.

The tape released on Friday was the first time that he had appeared in a new video since 2004. In the recording, he tells Americans they should convert to Islam if they want the war in Iraq to end. He makes no overt threats and does not directly call for attacks.

Townsend said experts are doing a "technical analysis" looking for clues about bin Laden's health and whereabouts.

"There's nothing overtly obvious in the tape that would suggest this is a trigger for an attack," she told Fox News Sunday.

"We know that al Qaida is still determined to attack, and we take it seriously. But this tape appears to be nothing more than threats. It's propaganda on their part," Townsend added.

I don't think we should live in constent fear of terriost attack. That is no way to live. But, I do think it would be very unwise for the leaders of our country...or any country..to ever take Osama Bin Laden lightly again.

My prayers and thoughts go out to all the families that were touched and affected by this senseless act of violence.

We are all human beings. Can't we simply respect one another?

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