Sunday, August 5, 2007

Goodbye July ~ Hello August

Thank goodness July is over. It was a hard month of never ending accidents and unexpected happenings.

Jeremy burnt his fingers on the 4th of July. No, not with a firecracker. He did it while using the grill. It got infected and we were up at 4:30 in the morning frantically calling me Mom (ok, it was ME doing the frantic calling) to see what we should do. He went to the walk-in clinic and got a prescription for some antibiotics, thank heavens. His fingers are fine now.

We discovered we were pregnant and for a few days I was the happiest I have been since I got married. Sadly, the pregnancy had to be terminated in an emergency surgery. I'm still healing up, waiting for a few things to get completely back to normal.

And, Lola, our pug puppy went into heat for the first time. We have been meaning to have her spayed, but it just got away from us. So, we have her in doggie diapers. It's a pain in the rear...literally. She hates them and we hate having to put them on her. But, she has an appointment with the vet on Tuesday so only a few more days of misery.

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  1. i'm sorry for everything you've gone thru lately. hugs.