Monday, August 6, 2007


`Cheshire Puss,' she began, rather timidly.. `Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?'
`That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,' said the Cat.
`I don't much care where--' said Alice.
`Then it doesn't matter which way you go,' said the Cat.
`--so long as I get SOMEWHERE,' Alice added as an explanation.
`Oh, you're sure to do that,' said the Cat, `if you only walk long enough.'
—Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

If you were to ask my husband what one thing he dislikes about himself, he would tell you it's his indecision. Sometimes he can't decide if he should read a book or practice his guitar, or maybe work out in the yard, or watch a movie. Those options seem unimportant, and they are really, because it truelly doesn't matter which he picks, but the fact that he CANNOT pick makes him very mad indeed.

Decision is like standing at the fork in the road and not knowing, or maybe only slightly knowing, where either of the new roads go to. Which do you pick? Which will be easiest? Which will be the quickest? A lot of people have a hard time making decisions. What if you make the wrong one? Taking a step down a path when you have a choice is always daunting. Once you start you must COMMIT...and that is something else people seem to have trouble with.

I pestered my husband for months and months for a new sofa. When he finally relented and took me shopping we went to several different furniture stores and compared prices and fashions. We took our ideas home with us and settled on something we liked. I was excited to be getting new living room furniture, because of course it had grown from just the sofa to a new loveseat and coffee table as well. But, as we were driving down the road one day, my husband says to me 'Ok, are you ready to go and get our new furniture today?'. I totally balked. I was suddenly suffocated with the idea of being strapped with that new debt. I told him I wasn't ready and he was totally confused. As much as I wanted, and still do want, new furniture I wasn't ready to make that decision. I wasn't really to step out on that path. So, we still have the same living room furniture. And I learned a valuable lesson. Don't pester your husband to death if you aren't ready to buy. I'm glad he has forgiven me and my wishy-washy ways.

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  1. I don't think you're wishy washy.
    You made the decision that was right for you. A lot of people are suffering under piles of debt.
    Thanks for sharing,