Sunday, August 26, 2007

#74 - "I get that sinking feeling.."

Most of the time the first thoughts that come to mind with a prompt of 'I get that sinking feeling..' are negative. Sinking feelings aren't usually due to happy, good things. No, we get sinking feelings when we hear the phone ring late at night, or when you get that piece of mail from the bank, or when the doctor gives you that look. I have plenty of situations in my own life that could certainly be applied to those types of situations. But, I'm setting aside all the negative for today..I can always pick it back up tomorrow.

Instead, I want to think of the good things that can come from 'I get that sinking feeling'. I might stray off the main path slightly but I think the general idea will still be there.

1. Sinking into my husbands arms. This is one of the best sinking feelings I can come up with. It still amazes me, after 10 years together, that all my troubles can seem less important or urgent when he wraps his arms around me. We can stand there in an embrace, saying nothing, for several minutes and some how it is just what I needed to feel better.

2. Sinking into bed and/or sleep. Getting into bed is one of my favorites times of the day. I often crawl into bed an hour or two before I actually go to sleep. I love being in my bed, all cozy under the blankets with my pack of pets snuggling up to me. Sometimes this is when my husband and I get the goofiest. We will tease each other about staying on our own sides of the bed. Sometimes he makes me laugh so hard I cry just by being there next to me in bed and being silly. And when we finally turn all the lights off and I hear him drift off into sleep and I can hear one of my cats purring contently it is the most wonderful part of my day.

3. Sinking into a good book. I can loose hours when reading a good book. Whole days will disappear while I sink into the world of whatever book I'm reading. I can devour books in a matter of one evening. My husband is always amazed at this. But, there is something to be said about a good story that pulls you in. There are times when I think about about a story and I will have a hard time remembering if it was a book I read or a movie I saw. The images and characters in a book can become so real to me that I can see them in my head and the book can play out like a movie in my mind's eye.

4. Sinking your teeth into good food. They don't call it 'comfort food' for nothing. I know it is a bit of a cliche to mention how women and chocolate go together, but for some of us it is so true. Something about a favorite food just helps make a bad day a little better. When a girlfriend is upset I go and get their favorite ice cream. It is comforting to sometimes just be in the kitchen making food, baking cookies, frying chicken. When you sink your teeth into that favorite food and your eyes roll back into your head...there is something powerful in that.

5. Sinking into your imagination. There is no bad situation that you can escape..if only using your imagination. I imagine myself in my dream job..or at least in a different job than I am in. I imagine my next I will decorate and arrange the furniture. Years ago I use to fall asleep at night while imagining my wedding. I imagine the family that we will someday have..what our kids might look like. I can imagine and day dream all sorts of things..and isn't it always nice when those things happen to come true.


  1. Mmm, happy sinkings! What a wonderful take on this.

    Sinking into a hot bubble bath.....:-)

  2. Thank you for the happiness, the warm and cosy sinkings as I sink into my most comfortable chair!

  3. I liked your verypositive post. You kind of described all that I feel while reading or just being with mysel or lying in bed. I couldn't have done better!

  4. Ah, quite a take on sinkings! Enjoyed them all - and have even experienced a few of them!

  5. What a wonderful idea on a happy sinking feeling. Love them all. I've picked up "When a girlfriend is upset I go and get their favorite ice cream." Would be good practice on my children when they're upset.