Monday, July 18, 2016

Stitch Fix #3 and that's a wrap.

Well, this will be my last Stitch Fix box. It was fun and exciting to anticipate the arrival of my Stitch Fix. But the actual products being sent to me were leaving me slightly disappointed.

I did everything I could have done to convey what I needed from Stitch Fix. I kept my Pinterest Style board up to date. I sent feedback on each item. I adjusted my style profile and price point. And after three boxes, I feel like they were only half listening.

First issue...the items were just too expensive. I let them know that when I would checkout. To which I got a generic email from Stitch Fix suggesting that I update my price point in my profile. So I did before I received this last box. But the price point for my items didn't change. So, while I love the gray top and the distressed jeans and the cardigan. I couldn't afford to keep all of them. I can't spend $48 (which was the lowest price in the entire box) for one item. I just can't. Especially when I feel like I could get items similar for far less at a store here in town. I did end up keeping the cardigan from this box, which was $48, but only because I had a $25 credit that I could apply towards it (thank you, Vicki). At this point, I feel like the only way anyone could continue to use the service is if they work hard to get several referrals to offset the cost of the items (or if they have a lot of spare cash sitting around). And, honestly, I'm a sucky sales person on a budget.

Second style. I'm not sure how many times I mentioned that I didn't want items that I couldn't wear a normal bra with. But I know it was more than once. And yet they kept sending me items that have necklines and or straps that would require a strapless or converted bra. Listen, I know there are tons of women out there who do not have a problem with wearing a strapless bra or a bandeau or a cami with a "built in bra"..but I'm not one of them. I asked for statement necklaces, and the above is what they sent me. I'm not trying to say the necklace is ugly, just not what I was thinking of (which reflects in the Pin's I added to my Pinterest board). And again, the cost of that necklace doesn't match the size or quality of the piece. I asked for a kimono, for the last two boxes, but didn't get anything of that nature. I asked for a purse, possibly a crossbody, but didn't get any type of bag. And the two pair of shoes they sent me were really quite ugly compared to the styles I have seen Stitch Fix share on their social media accounts.

So, while it was fun for a minute, and I'm still glad I tried it, I sent my email to officially cancel my Stitch Fix account (you actually have to email them to fully cancel your account, by the way). I'm going to stick with shopping via Instragram boutiques.

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