Sunday, May 15, 2016

All the beautiful words!

Let's talk about the Outlander series, shall we?

Many, many years ago...I was introduced to the Outlander series by a coworker who was listening to them on tape (yes, tape!). At work, this series started a conga line of woman impatiently waiting for one coworker to hurry up and finish listening so it could be passed down to the next person on the list.

It starts off as a story about a woman, Claire, who travels back in time through magical stones in Scotland and ends up married to a very dashing Scotsman named Jamie. I know it sounds a little out there and really like your typical romance story. But it is just way more than that.

When I found out that they were doing a TV series on the books, I was beside myself with excitement. I know fans had been asking for a movie for a really long time. I am so glad that they decided to take it to TV instead of a movie. There is just NO WAY that they could have done this series justice in a movie (or even a handful of movies). And I have to say that so far, the show is doing an amazing job of bringing the story to life. Jeremy has been watching it with me and even he is held captive by the twists and turns of the story.

So, I decided to re-read the books...or I guess read the books for the first time since I listened to them the first time. We are up to eight books in the series...with the possibility of more. I sounds kind of crazy, right? Who on earth could keep a story going for more than eight books? We'll see if George R.R. Martin strings us along that long.

I managed to wrangle one of my aunts into reading the books (she has read them all twice now). I have another aunt who I just loaned the DVD's for Season One of the show. AND a third aunt has now ordered the books as well. Plus a cousin who is also watching the show after I introduced her to it. I'm starting my own mini-fan club.

My mom keeps saying its because of the sex. And while there is sex...and I do read many, many, many romance novels that do revolve a lot around the sex...these books are so much more than the typical romance novel. I don't think I could have kept myself interested for eight books if it was just about the sex.

No, this series really has everything. It is an epic story which spans over a lifetime for the main characters and many of the secondary characters as well. This story has you in several different countries, during several different wars, during a couple of different time periods.

But through out the different plot lines and side stories, it always comes back to Jamie and Claire and their love for one another. It is a love story, to its very core.

I'm getting ready to start reading the books again. Jeremy was like "Again?! But you just finished!" Yeah, and?! They are just that good.

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  1. Adventure, twisty turns, murder, seduction, war, history, politicians, beggars, prostitutes, witches, kings, queens, music, romance... EVERYTHING! And it's well-written.