Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Welcome to the Club...we're all old here.

My baby sister is turning 30 tomorrow. Where does the time go? I can remember when she moved off to the big city and I was all kinds of worried that she was going to lock herself out of her car and not know what to do (here at home..she just called me). She has navigated this big bad world of adulthood with surprising ease. And I honestly could not be more proud.

I was sitting here thinking of different 'I love my sister/My sister is better than yours/My sister is the best' kind of posts when I started thinking back to when I turned 30. What did I blog about when I turned 30? I headed back to my blog archives to take a look. I did a great post about what my 20's taught me. So I decided to ask my sister for 10 things her 20's taught her.
1. Guys are assholes {adult dating sounds crazy hard, yo - Jinny}

2. Girls are bitches and guys like that for the challenge {it's all about playing the game}

3. Being fiscally responsible is not lame; it's one less thing to worry about {she didn't learn that trick from me}

4. Stick to your principals regardless of how people make you feel because of them. {like my friends and I use to say...go wit' yo feelings}

5. Never regret the things that have happened or decisions you've made; they've made you into the person you are. {and you can't go back and change any of that stuff anyway!}

6. Depend on yourself. People are human and mess up and will probably disappoint you. {Expectation is the mother of all disappointment...someone famous said that, I'm sure}

7. Be thankful and grateful for those that have been there with you, even if they do disappoint you. {Your homies are your homies...4 life}

8. Your dreams and goals can, and will probably, change throughout your 20's and that's ok. {what do you mean you still want a pony?}

9. Find something you are passionate about and dive into it. {unless its cake..don't dive into that unless you are in the privacy of your own home}

10. Invest in yourself in whatever capacity. {like with cute shoes}

Do y'all know that my sister bought a Kurig machine for her apartment specifically for me? Well, she did. And it only took years of me complaining about having no coffee when I went to visit her. If that's not sisterly love, I don't know what is.

Thanks for introducing me to Doctor Who and Sherlock (the Cumberbatch edition).

I love you more than my dog...and you know that means a lot.

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