Friday, October 24, 2014

X is for..Xtreme Eyebrow Grooming

Day 24. One Beauty Product You Can't Live without

I don't wear a lot of make-up. Actually, I wear zero make-up most of the time. I might slap on some moisturizer but that's about it.

This is how you will find me 95% of the time, sans make-up:

Here I am for the other 4% of the time, with a little foundation, mascara, and lip gloss:

And here I am for the other 1% of the time, this is as fancy as I get:

No matter what sort of make-up I put on my face, there is one thing that I absolutely must stay on top of. It's the brows. I have a fine set of beautifully shaped eye brows. I get compliments on my eye brows all the time, seriously.

As great as they are naturally, they can get a bit unruly if I don't stay mindful. So I would have to say my one beauty product that I can't live without is my tweezers (and eyebrow brush and small grooming scissors). In addition to the normal tweezing I do, I have to give my eyebrows trims. You know how when you go to the hair dresser for a trim and they hold the ends of your hair between their fingers and snip? I do that, with my eyebrow brush.

Call me a professional eyebrow stylist.

My sister and I even had a discussion on my occasional morning gnarly brow. My eye brow hairs can be standing in all kinds of crazy directions in the morning. So she gave me eyebrow gel for Christmas one year, to tame my gnarly brows. And I use it too! Nothing worse than snapping a great picture..just to realize that the gnarly brow as struck again.

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