Thursday, May 1, 2014

Metal 'Til We Die

We went up to Dallas for a fast and furious trip, go one day and come home the next. Jeremy wanted to go see Iced Earth and they were playing a smaller venue in Downtown Dallas. My little sister, who were staying with, decided to tag along. And thank goodness..because she did all the driving..and driving in downtown Dallas was just stupid confusing.

This was my sisters first ever heavy metal concert. Before we headed out she asked me, "What should I wear?" She had pulled out a melon colored tank top with flowers on it. "Just wear something black", I told her. So she did...although it still had flowers on it. While we waited in line for the doors to open my sister was checking out the crowd and she says, "Good call on the black". Yeah, this isn't my first rodeo.

This was NOT at our concert.
When the first band started playing, the guitar player started whipping his hair around in a perfect headbangers circle. I yelled in my sisters ear, "We are going to teach you how to do that tonight!" Never mind that I have never headbanged in my life. It was fun to see her eyes get big.

Also NOT at our concert.
Overall, we all had a good time. Well, I mean, of course Jeremy had a good time. He was totally in his element.

Jeremy at the concert.
My sister and I managed to entertain ourselves. Concerts are always good for people watching, at the very least. By the end of the night, our ears were ringing. According to my husband that is very metal. I'm not sure that we completely won my sister over to the heavy metal side but she walked away with a very memorable experience.

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