Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving, Part II {In Photos}

My sister couldn't make it to town for Thanksgiving, but she came down to stay for the weekend after work on Friday. So we decided to have a second Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday night here at our house. Jeremy gets a turkey from work every year and usually we just give it away. Even the smallest turkey would be a lot for just the two of us, so we don't really need it. But this year we went ahead and roasted that baby up. And just a note, when your little sister says she'll bring the sweet potatoes...just be prepared to do it all yourself (I'm looking at you, Seester).

She drinks my coffee; does not make sweet potatoes.

"And then you want to massage the turkey"

A very happy looking turkey.

Roastin' up some potatoes.

My mom got an Iphone for the first time ever, she was a little distracted.

Clean up.

If you can, always smile when you catch a camera pointed in your direction.

My handsome lumberjack {on the last day of No Shave November}

Of course.

Family photo time!


She's some kind of special (the same kind of special as me), so I guess I'll let her off for not making the sweet potatoes

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  1. Cute pictures! It's the other way around with my younger sister - she's the cook, I just show up to eat and drink ;)