Saturday, November 16, 2013


(Scene: 12:30AM, pitch black house, we are in bed and a noise has sounded from the darkness)

Jeremy: {Lifts head from his pillow} Did you hear that?

Me: Yeah, I did. It sounded like metal.

Jeremy: It sounded like someone strumming an acoustic guitar (of which we have two in the house). {He shrugs and puts his head back down}

(Silence....and then we hear it again)

{Both of us raise our heads and look down the dark hallway}

Me: Sounds like someone is getting into the kitchen sink.

{Jeremy gets up and walks down the hallway to the kitchen, flipping on the light}

Jeremy: That's better get down from there. Bad cat!

Our Prowler
Turns out Otto thinks we are starving him and he is some back alley tom cat scavenging for dinner. He was after the little bits of pizza crumbs left over from dinner...the brat. That will teach me to think I can go to bed without doing the dishes.

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