Friday, August 30, 2013

What makes you so special?

When I walked into work with my first flower delivery of the day a co-worker asked me, 'What did you do to deserve those?' and I answered back, 'I was born'.
When I told people I would be celebrating my birthday month, they asked 'How come you get a whole month? What makes you so special?' Nothing! Nothing makes me SO special. I'm as special as the next person. But I decided to take the time to recognize, for this month at least,
that I'm pretty awesome.
Someone told me 'I have a hard enough time getting anyone to celebrate my actual birthday'. Well, that is just sad. Instead of relying on other people to make my birthday great, I focused on celebrating it myself. Treating myself to a few splurges, allowing myself to indulge. Everyone else sort of just caught on and helped me make my birthday month super special.
Especially my mom! She gave me four birthday cards. lol. She sent me flowers at work. AND she had a gift card waiting for me at the hair salon yesterday. She outdid herself, surprised me and made my birthday month one of the best ever.
So...I'm giving you permission to claim your OWN birthday month. Treat YOURSELF to a massage, or nice mani/pedi. Go ahead and buy YOURSELF those shoes you've been thinking about. Rent those chick flicks that you keep putting off, read that book that's been sitting in your to-read-pile for months. Eat the cupcake! During your birthday month, you deserve it..because you are pretty awesome too.

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