Monday, July 15, 2013

Call me Miss Fix It

I'm a fixer.

I've gotten better at simply listening without blurting out my opinion. And I've tried hard to just work through things without automatically coming up with a way everyone could be doing it better.

But, deep down, I'm a fixer.
And fixers love to feel helpful.

A lot of my frustrations in life come from not feeling helpful or useful or needed or like I'm FIXING THINGS.

This is with my job.

This is with my family and friends.

This is with my marriage.

This is with anything I do.ever.period.

And nothing irks me more than to offer my help or advice and be ignored or brushed off. Because then I am not being helpful or useful or needed or FIXING anything...PLUS, wasting my time.

Any other fixers out there? How do you deal with keeping your mouth closed? Or when your help gets shrugged off?

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