Monday, June 24, 2013

No Coffee - Day One

It is always smart to get a good solid eight hours of sleep when you plan on skipping your usual morning coffee...for the first years...the very next day.

Did I do that?


I stayed up late reading a book.

Late night + No Coffee = Disaster.

Hopefully day two will go a little better.


  1. I gave up coffee almost 7 years ago. Id lie and say I dont still crave it but I do...the smell still makes me drool a bit. BUT it was good for me.

  2. Oh Lordy. Not sure if I could survive without any coffee.

  3. I've tried to give up coffee at least 3 times in the past and I always came back to it. I guess I'm just hooked. Good luck to you, though.

  4. You are a braver woman than I ..... wishing you every success!