Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dirty Little Secret

I want to talk about something.
It's kinda embarrassing.
I know other people out there must have this same problem.
*deep breath*
My girl dog humps her toy.
I'm talking all out (non existent) balls to the wall.
She doesn't hump people...or other animals.
Just her "baby". I call it her baby.
When she was a puppy, still living at my in-laws house my Mother-in-law would walk around the house in these bull dog slippers. The three little puppies would follow her all around and it was precious. When we brought Lola home with us, my Mother-in-law let us bring one of her slippers home with us. As Lola got older this is what happened with her slipper:

Eventually we got rid of the slipper. And the humping stopped.
I brought home this toy.
She humps this thing every.single.night.
Until she exhausts herself.
When we have company, I have to hide it in the closet just to make sure she doesn't go to town right in the middle of the living room while we are talking about the weather.
I've never seen any other girl dog act like this.
It's just...so...LOLA. lol.


  1. With all of the dogs we have had my entire life, and we've had a FEW, we have never had one that humped things regularly. Eeeeeeeeeevery great now and then, if Buddy the Boston gets really excited, he'll get carried away and start on your arm or wherever but he stops when you say his name.

  2. My boyfriend used to have a female St Bernard and we once brought my mother's male old English bulldog over to play with her and she came up behind him and started going to town on him... though she's kind of missing a few parts. My dog was terrified after. Funniest thing I've ever seen.