Thursday, April 18, 2013

Back on the wagon

So...I am back on the wagon.
Fore the last few years I've been coasting, quite content, at my current weight. But since the start of the year, my food and fitness routines have slipped into oblivion {Anyone going to see the movie Oblivion this weekend? It's on my 'to see' list.}
I have recommitted myself to eating better and working out on a regular basis. Not only that, but I've decided its time to actively try and lose some more weight.
When I first started on my weight loss journey I was 2ll lbs. My first big goal I set for myself was 150 lbs. And I eventually reached that goal...and have been at that goal for the last several years.
Even as great as that is...MUCH better than it was...I am still technically 'overweight' and a little on the flabby side. My goal is another 20 lbs (that will be a total of 80 lbs lost for those playing at home). I didn't give myself a time frame. We'll see how it goes.
I'm using a few Apps to help keep me on track:
1. My Fitness Pal {I'm justjinny if you want to look me up}.
Pros: It's free! You can scan a barcode from an item using the camera on your phone and it will automatically pull up that item if it's in their database (I haven't come across anything that hasn't been in there).
Cons: Adding your fitness isn't always easy, especially if it's strength training.
2. RunKeeper
Pros: Also free! Keeps track of your time, distance, and calorie count.
Cons: If your signal is weak on the GPS it has a harder time keeping an accurate calorie count.
3. Nike Training Club
Pros: You guessed it, FREE! Tons of workouts that can be done in the gym or your living room.

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