Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Diabetes

So, yeah..I haven't mentioned this just yet but..
Otto has feline diabetes.

We found out the day after we had to let Squeak go.
The vet said, 'We have three options. We can do nothing..which isn't very humane as the cats health will decrease with organ failure or blindness. We can start treatment and see how that goes. Or there is the third option, which I don't think you came in here to consider'.
When I mentioned that we had just lost one of our cats the day before the vet knew instantly that we would be starting treatment.
It has been quite the adjustment.
Otto gets an insulin shot every 12 hours.
The insulin must be kept cold. If you accidentally leave it out and it reaches room temperature, the bottle is ruined.
Insulin isn' cheap.
He must eat special diabetic kitty food.
No more table food for Otto. This makes him very, very unhappy.

But he is getting better every day.
He has put on weight.
He spends less time at the water bowl.
He seems much happier.
And for all of that, we will keep doing what we have to do to keep him healthy.

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  1. A friend of mine had a cat with diabetes. She had to do the shots too, and her cat is now in remission!! Cats can go into diabetes remission, but humans and dogs can't. Weird, right? But I hope that gives you some hope. And I pray Otto will feel better soon.