Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Up-cycled DIY Project

Kara, over at Sunshine Cupcakes, blogged about her very crafty Christmas present for her girlfriends {and herself}. She asked about her readers latest DIY project..so I thought I'd share mine.

I posted about our finished guest room makeover and we have slowly been putting the very finishing touches on the room. You know, the things that you can't really plan out unless you are Candice Olson. I recently revamped the living room bookcase with all new photo frames. Most of the old ones went in the donation pile but one of them...had potential to become something new.

It started out as one of those frames with the built in divider for multiple pictures. I had the husband tear out the divider part of leave me with a plain ol' frame. I ALSO had the husband spray paint it yellow. We already had the spray paint from other projects in the guest room.

Then I went to the local craft store and bought a sheet of 12x12 scrap booking paper in a coordinating color. There were a lot of different colors and patterns, but I kept it simple for the purpose of my finished product. And I also picked up some decorative ribbon and a package of command hooks. I used a staple gun to staple the ribbon to the back of the frame (they didn't go in all the way, so I called in the muscle..i.e..the husband..to hammer them down into place).

Once I had it all put together, this is what I ended up with:

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  1. Love this! I've been dying to make some chalkboard crafts!