Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ermahgerd...It's yer berfday.

My sister recently got a new tattoo. It says 'How can I keep from singing'. The statement fits her perfectly. I'm fairly certain my sister was born singing. Or maybe it's just that I cannot recall a time when she didn't sing.

But, in my mind, the quote means so much more. She lives her life out loud. She has a spirit that shines brighter than the sun. She is on the stage, signing and dancing. She is always up for some live music, good pizza, a glass of wine, a baseball game, a pedicure, an evening on the couch, babysitting. She is learning and living, and growing and changing. Never afraid to put herself out there to get what she wants. I admire her for that.

When we were growing up, we weren't always close. For a long time we had the typical big sister/little sister relationship. She wanted to do what I was doing and I just wanted her to go away. I had no idea how important our relationship would become to us. Now that we are "grown ups" {I'm sure my husband could argue that we don't act very grown up when we are together} she has become my fashion advisor, my secret keeper. She gets me like no one else does, because even though we are different..some how we are the same. She is my best friend.

Happy birthday, Seester. I love you.

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