Sunday, December 16, 2012 Cosmo VoxBox 2012

I must have signed up at months ago and then didn't think any more about it until I received an email advising that I had been pre-selected to possibly receive a Cosmo Voxbox. I hurried on over and completed the survey as requested in the email and soon enough I had a Cosmo Voxbox of my very own at my door step.

First thing to be "tested" was the Ghirardelli Sea Salt Escape bar. I could tell this was going to be a difficult task. I mean, reviewing a chocolate bar? Come on, people! I love chocolate..just about any kind of chocolate. And this chocolate bar wasn't any different. I enjoyed it very much..although I wish there had been just a BIT more of the sea salt present. Not that it stopped me from devouring the entire bar.

Second thing I tried was the Forever Red scent exclusively by Bath & Body Works. I like sweet smelling scents. Nothing too floral or heavy. I really liked Forever Red. The only problem I had with it is that the scent doesn't last. I don't like have to drown myself in perfume in order for the scent to stay with me all day long so I always use a perfume sparingly. But I do expect it to last and this one just doesn't have the holding power I'm use to.

After that I tried out the two Pilot FriXon Erasable Pens. I got a black one and a pink one. I was very skeptical about the whole erasing business. Usually "erasable" pens tear the paper or leave such bad smudges that you might as well have just marked through it. But these pens really are erasable. I have been using them to do my daily crossword puzzle. Love them.

The last two products on my Cosmo VoxBox were a Venus Embrace razor and blade..PLUS a Venus & Olay blade. I've been a long time user and lover of the Venus razor and blades. Any of the blade refills fit on any of the razors. I've been using a pink colored razor with the green and blue Embrace blades for forever now. You can use which ever blades your skin needs at the moment. The Venus & Olay blade was a little different with moisture bars at the top and bottom. The first shave was a dream, I loved all the extra moisture on my super dry legs. However, the shaves after that weren't as nice. The moisture bars actually dried out really quickly. It may be because I leave my razor out in the shower, but the blade just didn't hold up. I'll stick with my Embrace blades from now on.

* All of these products were provided to me for free for review and promotion.

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