Saturday, October 6, 2012

My heart.

I spent the day volunteering at the local humane society. They have adoption events nearly every weekend where the foster families are able to bring the available dogs to the store front and greet the public. It's usually a pretty crazy afternoon. People are coming and going, with kids and strollers and wheelchairs. Dogs are coming and going, for potty breaks. The phone is ringing and has to be answered. Paper work is being filled out and passed around. Water bowls have to be kept full and spills and accidents have to be quickly cleaned up.

It's just a full afternoon of doing a whole bunch of whatever is needed to keep things running.

I help out whenever I can. And nearly every time I've been at the store front helping out I've had someone either walk in or a phone call asking if we are hiring.

People love the idea that they can "play" with animals all day long and get paid for it. I'd love a job like that too. But this is not a paying gig. This isn't work. Well, it IS work (my achy feet tell me it's work). But it's not a job. This is my heart. I get paid in puppy kisses and kitty purrs.

I go in and I spend time with these dogs. And I watch them while they are in their pins. All of them watch the people walking by. All of them are waiting for someone to stop and notice how great they are and take them home. I haven't met one dog yet that isn't worth a good home. As much as it tugs on my heart strings and makes me sad, I watch those dogs..week after so loving to everyone that does take the time to say hello. They give their sweet kisses to everyone. They wag their tails for everyone. No matter what crappy situation they came from, they are always loving.

I want to find those wonderful, worthy animals their forever home. And then the next set of animals, and the next after that. They don't have to pay me money to keep showing up. And if payment is the only thing you are looking for, this isn't the "job" for you.  It takes compassion, and understanding, and flexibility, and love, and..heart.

This is not my job. This is my heart.

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