Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What I'm Loving..

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1. I'm loving that I mustered up the nerve to walk across the street to meet my new across the street neighbors. And that they seem very, very nice.
2. I'm loving The Story. I'm only two chapters in and I can't say I understand all of it (the Old Testament is hard to relate to), but I find its easier for me to want to keep reading in this format. My sweet cubie gave it to me as a belated birthday present.
3. I'm loving being able to help out at our local humane society. I spent two and a half hours today folding and taping mail-out flyers and enjoyed myself. I helped out at the adoption event this last weekend and had a blast promoting the great dogs available for adoption.
4. I'm loving that there is rain in the forecast. Please Lord let it rain!
5. I'm loving that it's ok to let the chores go for one day.
6. And I'm loving that I can go to bed as early (or late as I want). Tonight will be an early, early evening because I didn't sleep well last night and I'm worn out. Good night!!

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