Saturday, August 25, 2012

Can we talk about sushi for a second?

Ok, good.

I never ever thought I would enjoy sushi. Several years ago, Jeremy and I decided to try a new (and really only) sushi place in town. I was nervous, but feeling adventurous.

Pretty, right? And very tasty. The tuna sashimi was my my surprise. I've had sushi a few more times since then and I always enjoy it...except...

How do you eat a piece of a sushi roll that is too big for one bite? I've suffered both stuffing the whole thing in my mouth {stop being so dirty...with your dirty thoughts, you.} and having it crumble as I try to bite it in half.

And I suck at using chop sticks. Practice makes perfect, I know..I know. And I always at least TRY to use them, but I still suck. Which takes away from my dining experience. Do I just use my fingers or what?

Help me out here. What do Y'all do?

1 comment:

  1. this is so funny- I have the same issue with sushi when the rolls are too big... I usually just shove it in (hehe dirty).

    OR, sometimes I'll dissect it on my plate first.... depends who I'm eating in front of, haha.