Thursday, August 23, 2012

A letter to Moms

Dear Mothers

I understand that this letter might sound like I'm wagging my finger at y'all. I do not want to make anyone feel bad for how they choose to act. I just want to offer something to think about.

I am on the other side. The side of the childless. I will always be on this side, so this is my life long be on THIS side. Please try and understand what that means.

It means that the only pregnant belly I will ever touch is someone elses. I know that oogs some of y'all out. But please, try and understand. The only baby kick I will ever feel is on the outside...THIS side.

It means that the only time I will get to squeeze a soft baby leg or arm is when it is someone elses baby. I know that oogs some of y'all out. But, PLEASE...try and understand. The only time I will ever get to hold a baby in my arms and smell their sweet baby head is when I am holding someone else's baby.

I know we might not know each other well. We may be complete strangers that are shopping at Target but please try and understand. I know you don't know me or my story but your baby may be the only baby I come across for months.

I am not trying to be oogy.

I am not trying to overstep.

I am not trying to make you uncomfortable.

I'm just trying to grasp a fleeting moment of innocence. One I will never have for myself. Try not to be so stingy and let me have it. Please.