Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Let's talk about underwear

I might have mentioned a time or two or a hundred that I enjoy reading romance novels. There are many things I love about romance novels, which is why I keep reading them. But there are some things that annoy me or confuse me or that I can't really relate to.

One of those things is women's underwear.

Many, many, MANY (but not all) of the female leads in my romance novels are written to be women that haven't been getting any action...for a good long while. I'm ok with that. What DOES confuse me is that when things DO get hot and heavy with our male lead and clothes start coming off the lady is always wearing some scrawny lacy underthings...kind of like this.

Now, I love me some sexy lacy underwear. But there is just no way I can believe that a woman who hasn't been getting any for a really long time...and doesn't seem to have any prospects (or so she thinks) of getting some any time soon would choose to wear skimpy, lacy underwear around all the time. Is it sexy, yes, but it is not comfortable. It's made to be put on and then taken right back off. Not to be worn for daily use as a lot of our leading ladies do.

And I'm not buying it. Because I know that if I wasn't sexing someone up...if there hadn't been anyone seeing me in my underwear for a long time...I'm not going for the lacy. I don't care HOW pretty it makes me feel. Besides, no flimsy unlined lacy bra is going to hold my girls in place long enough for anything other than foreplay.

That doesn't mean I think she should be wearing granny panties. I happen to think my underwear are super sexy and they aren't even lacy..not entirely anyways. I might wear something more like this with a cute pair of matching hiphugger panties. Simple, cotton, supportive, breathable....and still very sexy. And I AM getting action on a regular basis.

So please, please...no more lacy bra that hooks in the front that is so thin he can canoodle her nipple right through it. Not unless she was expecting to get jumped...which most of them aren't...until later...and then some sexy underthings might make more sense.


  1. I think women should just not wear underwear period.

  2. I'm nothing if not helpful, Ronlyn.

    RM, you WOULD think that.