Friday, July 20, 2012


Things I learned while on vacation:

1. It is hard to be disconnected (not by choice) for so many days straight. My husband didn't understand why I was so antsy but I really wanted to be sharing everything while it happened and I couldn't.

2. Don't let your sister book your reservations. I'm KIDDING, seester! But really, make sure legal names are used..especially for traveling out of the country.

3. Canadian money confuses me...even though its not that different from American money. My brain was just having such a hard time computing, which probably made me look really stupid..but oh well.

4. Everyone really does say 'eh' in Canada. AND, 'no worries'. AND, 'hi there'.

5. I really don't enjoy flying. I can't decide it is flying in general...or flying coach. Tell me it would be better in first class and I would have to take you at your word, because it will probably never happen for me.

6. Vancouver is a beautiful city. People were friendly, for the most part. It felt safe, even in the evenings.

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