Saturday, July 28, 2012

Conversations with Dolly

Me: Here Dolly, let me get you a new paper towel. This one is saturated.

Dolly: I don't even know what saturated means.

Dolly: What does it say?

Me: Faith

Dolly: Fase

Me (slower): Faith

Dolly: Fase. I can't say that word.

Me: Sure you can. Say 'Fa'.

Dolly: Fa

Me: 'ath'

Dolly: ase.


Me: Look, Jeremy painted a picture.

Dolly: Yeah..its orthatick.

Me: Orthatick?

Dolly: No, orthatick.

Me: Orthatick.

Dolly: Say 'Or'

Me (trying not to laugh) Or

Dolly: 'tha'

Me: tha

Dolly: 'tick'

Me: tick

{Orthatick is a fancy word for Dollynese}

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