Friday, May 11, 2012

So, you want my advice?

"I need you to be my Weight Watchers consultant. You just look so good".

This was the compliment my co-worker gave me this week. I always appreciate the kind words, because I worked hard to get where I am. But it seems to lead to the same conversation.

I didn't wake up one day and decide to lose 60 lbs. Well...that's not true. I woke up on many, many, many days and thought 'Today is the day' and then went right back to my same old habits. My point is it took a very long time and some starts and stops to finally get into a groove of weight loss. And even after I found my groove there were some derailments..there still are. It took me three years to lose 60 lbs. Three years!

My co-worker tells me 'I have a hard time dieting by myself'.

Well, her first problem is that she considers it a diet at all. In my mind, there is no such thing as a successful diet. You really don't get to come at it like 'Oh, I'll diet for six months and lose X amount of lbs'. I mean, you COULD. And you might lose weight. But its unlikely that you will keep it off. I'm speaking the hard truth. There is no easy fix.

What really helped me is changing my frame of mind. I wasn't dieting to lose weight. I was re-teaching myself how to be healthy. I had to reprogram my brain. I had to learn new habits. Once you start on the journey you have to realize there is no going back to your old life..especially if you want to reap the full rewards of all your hard work.

Second, my co-worker has to I had to realize...that no one else can make you do it. You might try and trick yourself into thinking you are accountable to someone else, but the reality is you are only accountable to yourself. So you have to talk yourself out of eating that chocolate bar..or talk yourself into walking around the block when you really don't want to. No one else can police your food or make you get off the couch.

My co-worker also told me she didn't think it was worth cooking a meal for just one person. So she often found herself eating out. I understand where she is coming from. It isn't always easy to cook for just two people either. But something else I had to learn, which is probably the MOST important thing I learned over those three years, is that I am worth the effort. It may be a hassle to make fresh meals or to get to the gym. It may cost more to eat healthy or to purchase workout clothes or workout DVD's. But, I am worth it. She IS worth it. All of us are WORTH the time and effort to lead healthier lives.

So, the only consulting I will ever do is this:

Understand its a lifestyle change. There is NO going back.
Accountability is internal, not external.
You are WORTH it. Love your body to a healthier place, you deserve it.

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