Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Working for the Weekend

This week is almost over y'all! And I couldn't be more ready.

The stress-inducing, mind-melting training class I've been in for the past week and a half will be over on Friday. I'll have to worry about what is going to be expected of me when I'm back out on the floor next week. BUT, before THAT I have the weekend.

And this weekend is our anniversary weekend!

We are going to Enchanted Rock for a day. It's a place neither of us has ever been to so I'm pretty excited to be exploring some place new with Jeremy. And the weather is suppose to be beautiful. And lovely little Fredericksburg is right down the road. AANNNDDDD, the wildflowers are out in full force. There is nothing like driving down a little Texas road with nothing but a sea of bluebonnets on either side of you.


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