Thursday, March 29, 2012

Looking for some Zen

On days like today I'm glad that we don't have children. Because on days like today I have a strong urge to get in my car and start driving and go for as far as I can and not look back. On days like today I look at Jeremy and say 'Let's just run away together'...and I'm only half joking.

Work is turning my brain into a useless mass of mush. I was ttthhhiiissss close to tears by the end of today. I had a serious tension headache all up the back of my neck. I wish I could say this is the first time my job has made me cry...but that would be a lie.

Lola started shaking her head over and over and over again this evening. And keeping her head slightly tilted like her ear is bothering her. I've taken a look in both ears but can't see anything that might be bothering her. Not an emergency situation...yet. But after the day I've had I just wanted to come home and relax...and I kind of can't when there might be something wrong with the damn dogs ear.

We had a surprise thunderstorm blow in. It was moving pretty fast so didn't linger..but it had thunder and pretty heavy rain. So Duke is currently shaking and panting, curled in a corner. Which of course has Lola panting.

I just need everyone to calm down for just a second. Including me.


  1. I hope the weekend brings you the peace that you need! Sorry that you are having a tough week :(

  2. Jinny,

    I understand your pain. Some days it never seems to end. My work has been doing the same thing to me (making me cry-bad boss) and when I get home I have other issues to deal with. But, I've jokingly said I want to just give up; but there is no give up. You just gotta keep going and pray life will turn around sooner, rather than later. And always know, there are plenty more people out there who are going through what you are and who are glad to listen, commiserate and to pray for you too!

    Keep your head up!