Friday, March 9, 2012

Fill in the blank FRIDAY!

1. My favorite room in my home is     the "office"  because     the office is really our den..which is really just a third room that is too small to be a bedroom. It is the smallest room in this house but it is where we spend 99% of our time.

2. My current decor style is   eclectic  but I wish it were more     clean and pulled together. I'm working on it.

3. I wish I could redecorate the    kitchen  in my house to make it more   user friendly. I just know that the space could be utilized a lot better if we could re-design it.

4. My dream house absolutely has to have a    master bathroom and walk in I could live in it.

5. One house item I am willing to splurge on is    furniture..all sorts. You really..really do get what you pay for. We've learned the hard way.

6. A decor trend that I just don't "get" is    minimalism. It seems very cold to me.

7.   Animal hair? ha ha. is a little touch that makes my house feel like home


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