Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wake Up Call

I'm laying in bed. Not really sleeping, but I'm not fully awake. Lola is in bed with me..of course. This is normal. She gets under the covers and snuggles close to me, then gets too hot and stretches out from under the covers. Eventually she sits up and just stares at me. I pretend like I'm still sleeping but every time I even crack my eyelid her tail starts going. It makes me wonder what she is thinking about as she stares a hole in my forehead.

Wakez up. Wakez up. Come on. Wakes up.

Oh! What iz that? *she sniffs the bedspread* Just a piece of fuzz. It tasteded good.

HEY! *tail goes crazy and the slowly stops wagging* I knowz she just opened her eyeballz. Why iz she not petting me?

Wakez up. Wakez up.

*sighs and snots all over my face making me move* HEY!! Youz awake!! Good morningzzzzzz!!!!


  1. LOL! This is hilarious because my one dog, Brady, does the same thing...well, he kinda goes to the extreme and will LITERALLY stand on my head/face. Yeah....And when I look up at him he just stares at me and wags his tail. lol

    he wants me up and to "let him out and give him his morning snack....bitch" That's what he's thinking. I just know it.